Honor of Kings/Arena of Valor and Mobile Legends: Bang Bang 5v5 Map Comparison

Two or let's just say three of the biggest mobile MOBA games today Honor of Kings and its international version Arena of Valor by Tencent Games and Moonton's Mobile Legends: Bang Bang have upgraded their graphics this year especially the 5v5 battlefield map. All of them are using Unity game engine.   

Both Arena of Valor's Chinese version Honor of Kings and the international version's latest map just upgrades from their previous version. On the other hand, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang didn't just upgrade the graphics. Based, dated turrets, jungle creeps and minions have been replaced also. MLBB will release the new map on December 21, 2019.

Arena of Valor old and new map

Check out their latest maps below: 

Honor of Kings 2.0 map

Arena of Valor 3.0 map

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang 2.0 map

As you may have observed, Arena of Valor and Honor of Kings share similarities. The only differences are, Honor of Kings base and turret designs are heavily inspired by Chinese culture. The background in Honor of Kings is also based on mountain formations that can be found in Mainland China.
Here are others that I have observed, both Mobile Legends and Honor of Kings have small creatures scattered inside the map. Birds are visible flying around the map, the only difference is in HOK, you can only see those birds flying after you cross the base turrets before the battle starts while in ML you can see them in creep camps. Both have also butterflies, fish, and fireflies. Additional creatures present in HOK are frogs on the fountain, lizards and 2 small creatures like a squirrel. I wonder why Tencent didn't implement these in AOV.

A frog jumping off from the fountain in Honor of Kings.

Both AOV and HOK have weather system. Throughout the game, you had the option to enable the cloud system in AOV. Cloud shadow will be visible throughout the battlefield if you enable it. I must that's a cool feature cause it looks more realistic than any other MOBA games right now. In HOK, it's a different case. When you reach the twenty-minute mark of the game and after the final dragon appears, rain pours and the battlefield will have a wet-look terrain.

Arena of Valor Weather System

All three games have ripple effects on the river and have light effects on their base. Bush moves when a hero walks towards them except in Mobile Legends. But I noticed that Mobile Legends' bush are more detailed compared to the two. I would like to comment on some animations here. I prefer the animation in AOV when a turret is destroyed but I prefer the animation in HOK when the core was destroyed. I'm a little bit disappointed in ML part though, the animation when a turret or their core destroyed is underwhelming, they should have improved that part also but I like when a turret is destroyed in ML, it remains on the ground and not disappeared compare to AOV and HOK.

Mobile Legends Battlefield
Graphics upgrades will surely affect older phones that cannot met the recommended requirements. It can be played in the lower setting but you may not enjoy the game as long as you're not after the graphics. I'm currently using Samsung Galaxy S7 (hope someone will gift me an ASUS ROG PHONE 2😜) when playing Honor of Kings on max, high particles and in HD setting on 30fps. ( Note that this game can bet set to Ultra resolution and display.) Graphics still look stunning but the reflection of the bush in the river and the wet-look terrain are disabled. There are frame rate drops sometimes during a clash, from 30fps it will go down to 24fps. The phone heats up also but not so bad. Overall, the gaming experience is still great. In AOV, I can set it to high-quality particle, HD quality but normal on display and in 30fps. Since the latest update, the game runs better and didn't heat up quickly. And in Mobile Legends, for now, I can't tell if I can play it on Ultra settings after the "Imperial Sanctuary" update. But before I can maximize the setting and didn't experience any frame drops and just a slight hot phone.

UPDATE: I tried the new map and the Ultra option is disabled. I also mentioned before that when a turret was destroyed, its debris will remain on the ground but I was wrong. It disappears also.

Let me know your thoughts too, you can comment down below.