MOBA: Tencent's Arena of Valor Plans To Add New Servers in 2020 (Update)

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Arena of Valor is at full speed to make the game even better. There are problems that have been addressed and solved so far especially the lag issues in some servers. Their official YouTube channel seems to be active once again and there are many announcements that have been made. There will be a major update in January 2020 that sure many players will love it, especially in other regions. We hope that Arena of Valor will rise again at least in regions that almost neglected.  

Later this month, Arena of Valor addressed the India server that was neglected for almost a year now despite many Indians are still playing the game there. Worry no more cause Indian players will be one of the priorities in major updates coming in January 2020. According to Arena of Valor Arabic Facebook Page, India server will be added into Arena of Valor game client that manages the North America, Europe, Latin America, and Asia servers. Players from India can transfer their account and game data to the new one. Arena of Valor will release a statement soon for the instructions.  

New servers will be added too as many players from other regions expresses their desire for a better gaming experience especially the connection which is the major problem of some players. AOV developers are working hard to bring the game into more regions. MENA (the Middle East and North Africa) server will be likely added in a couple of months. They are already in the process to make it possible.

Image: Rappler
I hope Arena of Valor will also address the current situation in MSP (Malaysia, Singapore, and the Philippines) region where many players are disappointed with the connection after Garena Valiant server was dissolved. Players are still complaining about the ping after they were transferred to AOV Indonesia/Baratayuda Server for almost 6 months now. The thing is, Garena manages the game in those regions but we still hoping that Tencent will resolve the issue in MSP Region.    

(Note: Some lines were edited because of confusion. Sorry and thank you for your understanding. AND I'm still working on my English skills 😋)