Arena of Valor Overhauls Matchmaking, Ranked, and Punishment System

There will be a major overhaul in the upcoming update of Arena of Valor on January 15th according to the Taiwanese website of the game. These are one of TiMi Studios' commitment to improving the game more and probably it will be applied to all servers soon. The upcoming update will focus more on revamping the matchmaking, ranked system, and system punishments. Big thanks to Reddit user GeniusAF for translating the Chinese patch note into English.   

  • A solo queue will prioritize solo queue first. Team queues will only search for solo q after 30 seconds of searching.
  • Ranked matches will avoid putting players of the same role together based on their recently played roles. It does not apply to 5 queues.
  • Ranked teams of varying ranks will queue based on the highest rank. No more queueing with smurfs to find easier opponents.
  • Removed all possibilities of imbalanced grouping in ranked (ex. 3+2 vs 3+1+1 queue).
    Improved standard matchmaking based on rank. Basically ensures that the highest rank of both teams is at most 2 ranks apart and 90% of the time will be 1 rank apart.
Although it sounds great, there are still concerns from other players of the game. One player suggested that: 
"Why not quickly ask the player what role(or roles) they would like to play when they queue for ranked. I am all around the place when it comes to main roles and only play what I feel like or what the team needs.

For example, I don't want to be playing support and mid all the time just because I filled in for a couple games and now those are my recent roles.

Ranked System
The upcoming update will increase opportunities to get ranked stars, especially as compensation:
    • After a player abandons the match for a long time and does not return, the teammates not in a queue with the AFK player will not lose stars if they resisted for a long time.
    • If the side with an AFK player wins, they get an extra star (conditions the same as the previous one).
    • The losing MVP will not lose stars if they perform well enough. Many participation factors will be considered to prevent trying to save your KDA.
    • Brave points revamped: Brave points will be used to prevent star drops instead of tiers. Only a portion of your points are needed to activate, not all of it. Lastly, the point requirements for each tier will be adjusted to accommodate for this.

    More Strict Punishment System
    • More strict system detection and increased punishment for verbal abuse.
    • Playing a hero during ranked bp not according to the system assigned lane can be reported and punished.
    • Any degree of disconnecting during matches will count as AFK and clear all brave points. However, if the player reconnects and actively participates in gameplay, they will lessen their punishment (gain some points back).

    What do you think about the upcoming update?