MOBA: Before Marvel Super War, There Was Marvel Super Heroes

Marvel Super Heroes Champs with Non-Marvel character Butterfly.

Marvel Super War mobile MOBA by NetEase Games has been around for quite some time now. The new mobile MOBA generally receives positive reviews from players and many are can't wait for new Marvel characters to be available on the battlefield. However, the game is not yet available in other regions.  

Ironman in Marvel Super Heroes

But did you know that this is not the first time that a gaming company wanted to create a MOBA based on popular superheroes? Back in 2016, Tencent Games wanted to release an international version of their mega-hit mobile MOBA game Honor of Kings. Tencent's video game developer TiMi Studios started developing the game and one of their key element to attract international players  is to reskin the heavily Chinese culture theme of the game and to add popular super hero characters. This lead to Marvel Comics and Tencent Games collaboration to create Marvel Super Heroes. The game features Marvel Comics superheroes and Tencent on the other hand, added there owned unique heroes as well.

Non-Marvel hero Mina

Whatever the reason is, Marvel Super Heroes didn't made it further and Tencent Games ended up collaborating with DC Comics. Tencent didn't stop pursuing for an international adaptation of Honor of Kings and rebranded the international version of the game as Strike of Kings. Compared to Marvel Super Heroes, Strike of Kings features a lot of unique heroes and just five heroes from DC Comics universe. Garena is also involve in the game and adapted hero designs from there acquired PC MOBA game from S2 Games' Heroes of Newerth.
Here are some HoN heroes that adapted in the game. Big thanks for a2zei for this compilation. Check his channel too for more mobile MOBA comparison videos specially Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

Before Strike of Kings was released in global Tencent server, SoK was rebranded as Arena of Valor. On the other hand, Garena and Netmarble uses different titles of the game like ROV (Realm of Valor) in Thailand, Liên Quân Mobile (Mobile Arena) in Vietnam, Legendary Showdown in Taiwan and Penta Storm in South Korea. Meanwhile, Other servers prefer to use AOV/Arena of Valor title.  
And for Marvel Comics, they collaborated with NetEase Games to create Marvel Super War mobile MOBA. Compared to Tencent version, Marvel Super War features Marvel Comics-only characters. 

Check out the Marvel Super Heroes spotlight by V.K YouTube channel.

As I mention earlier, there are non-Marvel heroes from the Tencent version and later became champs in Arena of Valor. These characters are known as Butterfly, Violet, Zanis, Mina, Valhein, Sun Wukong, Toro and Lu Bu. If you're an Arena of Valor player, you probably notice the kid with a giant stuff toy in the video. And if I'm not mistaken, she is based on the original version Angela of Honor of Kings which later became Natalya in AOV.