'PUBG Mobile' and 'Arena of Valor' Dominates December 2019 Mobile Games Revenue

Source: Sensor Tower

Mainland China is definitely a giant market for mobile games as both Tencent Games' PUBG Mobile and Arena of Valor has earned the majority of its revenue from Chinese Mainland players. Sensor Tower's Top Mobile Games by Worldwide Revenue for December 2019 shows how both games dominate the category. PUBG Mobile rules the overall revenue followed by Arena of Valor, locally known as Honor of Kings in Mainland China. The huge soar of PUBG Mobile revenue came from Chinese Mainland players after the localized version of the game was approved in May 2019. The approval of the game has seen a 540% increase in total revenue. Apple App Store saw a huge increase in AOV's revenue probably after the release of KPL and FMVP skins in December, PUBG Mobile came in second in the category.  

Source: Sensor Tower

PUBG Mobile, locally known as Game for Peace in China, the popular Battle Royale game PUBG Mobile earns four times this year compared to last year when the released of the game was halted due to government approval freeze in 2018. Tencent however, republished PUBG Mobile into a non-violent title eliminating blood, gore, and death and renaming it Game for Peace to meet China's content restriction. Now, PUBG Mobile enjoys US148 million monthly revenue in December 2019 with 59% of its income came from Mainland China. Only 10% came from the United States and 6% came from Japan. As of today, PUBG Mobile's total revenue has reached US$1 billion marked.   

Arena of Valor or originally known as Honor of Kings' revenue in December 2019 has reached US$139 million this time around. Just like PUBG Mobile, a huge portion of its earning came from Chinese Mainland players with a staggering 94% of the total earnings. The rest came from Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan and other regions. As of 2019, Arena of Valor's worldwide revenue has reached US$5,801,003.19.

Source: PocketGamer.biz, gamesindustry.biz, Sensor Tower