MOBA: 'Honor of Kings' Has Reached Over 100 Million Daily Active Users in Q1 2020

Image: Pandaily

Tencent Games' popular mobile MOBA title 'Honor of Kings' has reached a new milestone for reaching over 100 million daily active users in the first months of 2020. This is bigger than the usual 60 to 70 million active daily active users of the game and it is also predicted that the game likely surged more between 120 million to 150 million daily active players during the Lunar Year season according to Nomura and Sinolink Securities, the highest recorded so far since 2015.

The cause? The culprit is none other than the COVID-19, the new coronavirus that killed almost 1,366 and infected almost 60,000 individuals that originated in Wuhan City, the capital of Hubei Province in Mainland China. The new coronavirus causes city lockdown, travel restriction, and halting businesses and other daily activities that paralyze the normal routines in the mainland. As quarantine and restrictions implemented to contain the virus in many parts of China for weeks now, many people are turning into the internet and online games like Game for Peace (PUBG Mobile Mainland Chinese version), Honor of Kings (Arena of Valor) and many more to fight boredom.     

According to Shi, the trend will likely continue until the last month of February as College students are the majority of online users. Although the trend sounds good for online game business, let's not forget the negative impact of  COVID-19 that affected not only Mainland China but to other countries around the world and we hope that the new coronavirus will be eliminated soon.

Source: Abacus