The King of Fighters' Main Protagonist To Enter Mobile Legends: Bang Bang World

Image Source: ML_Leaks - Mobile Legends Facebook

Heads up, boys and girls! A new King of Fighters hero is about to conquer the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang world in the coming months. And he's not just an ordinary character from KOF, he's the main protagonist of the game. According to some leaks that pops-out on social media platforms lately, this new King of Fighters is none other than the main protagonist Kyo Kusanagi. For those who weren't familiar with Kyo, he debuted in The King of Fighters '94 arcade game, he is the leader of the Japan team and great rival of Iori Yagami. 

In Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, Kyo Kusanagi will be the KOF skin of mage hero Valir. Kyo Kusanagi is the third batch of King of Fighters that will be featured in Montoon's popular mobile MOBA game Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. There is no additional information yet whether the game will feature more King of Fighters heroes besides him in this batch so stay tuned for future updates. 

Before we wait for his debut in Mobile Legends. ML players will have another chance to get KOF skins starting August 15th. KOF Bingo will return and you have a chance to obtain Karina's Leona skin. And according to details, if you already have her skin you will get an Epic Skin for free.