Arena of Valor's Chinese Counterpart 'Honor of Kings' Features Mobile Esport's Highest Prize Pool in World Champion Cup 2020

Image Source: Esports Observer. Credit: Tencent

Tencent Games' Honor of Kings is currently holding its biggest Esport league of 2020. Organized by Tencent and VSPN, Honor of Kings World Champion Cup 2020 has started on July 15, 2020 and Grand Finals is expected to happen on August 16, 2020. The tournament is currently held in the cities of Shanghai and Beijing, China. Due to the pandemic, the competition this year don't have live audience. 

Twelve teams will be taking part in the competition and the winner will take the grand prize of US$ 1.92 million and runner-ups will receive US$ 730,000. The total prize pool in this year's World Champion Cup is actually the same as last year. However, the total prize money of US$ 4.6 million is the biggest in mobile esports scene to date. Participants of the tournament were Turnso Gaming, winner of King Pro League Spring 2020, Ghost Owl Gaming of King Pro League Global Tour winner, and Champion Cup Point winners AG Super Play and Mighty Tiger Gaming. The Phase 1 qualifiers were consists of Dynamite Gaming, TTG X-Quest, Esports of Macao China and ROX Gaming. The Phase 2 qualifiers will be the teams from Team WE, Vici Gaming QC Happy and eStar Pro.         

As part of Honor of Kings World Champion Cup 2020, an exclusive World Champion Cup 2020 skin of Li Xin has been released. Sales of the skin has been added to the prize pool money. This year's official World Champion Cup soundtrack Evolve were performed by American recording artist and producer Ki:Theory.

Honor of Kings is the Chinese Mainland counterpart of Arena of Valor. Majority of AOV heroes were adapted from HOK and reskin into non-Chinese characters. Honor of Kings debuted in 2015 and the international version AOV was release first in Taiwan in 2016. 


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