Arena of Valor Introduces Fourth Shadow Hand Member 'Dextra'

Image Source: Garena AOV Facebook Page

Arena of Valor has finally revealed the fourth member of Shadow Hand faction Dextra. AOV's latest hero will be a warrior/tank type hero and just like many speculations, Dextra will have a special connection with Sinestrea. An interesting twist that will change your strategy throughout the game. 

Before we revealed her special connection with Sinestrea, let's go over first with her unique skill kit. Take note that the description we gather right now is not yet available in the English language and mostly translated from AOV's test server in Vietnam. Dextra's passive 'Blood Heat' gains a 1% increase in physical attack each time she hit an enemy hero. She can stack up to ten times each time she hit an enemy hero but cannot exceed 20 stacks.    

Going over to her first skill called the Reincarnation Saw, Dextra ables to accumulate power and can run at full speed over a short period of time by dragging the Blood of the Saw. By the time she hit an enemy hero, every hit will be converted into physical damage. Her basic attack deals damage within the range.

During the time Dextra is in the charging period, she will reserve incoming damage. At the end of each attack, she will return all the damage to a distant enemy hero within the range. A 15% damage to the enemy within the range will be redeemed after the short delay of Blood of the Saw hit.

Dextra's second skill Blood-Killing will help her endure physical damage from an enemy hero within the range. Every time Dextra hits an enemy hero,  she will gain a  0.5-second cooldown reduction but she will lose 4% of her health. At the same time, Dextra's basic attack will be able to expand her AoE (Area of Effect) and deals physical damage.

And here's her third skill Sacrifice. Every damage that Dextra receives within three seconds will be converted into healing. And critical damage will be automatically activated.   

Video Source: KING Of Boss YouTube Channel

Just like we mentioned earlier both Dextra and Sinestrea have a special connection to each other and it will be a great duo inside the battlefield. In this situation, we will enumerate the two distinctions that will help both heroes during a fight. We will just call the first one as Blood Pact. This situation will help Sinestrea getting into Dextra's side faster by targeting her using the Devil's Blood talent. There's a 30-second cooldown each time she uses the talent. Moving over to the second distinct feature called Blood Heal. When Sinestrea uses the Blood Heal, Dextra can sacrifice her life to help Sinestrea resurrects. There's a big catch though, Dextra will die eventually the moment she didn't meet the requirements while Sinestria will gain health regeneration.