GAMES: This Guy Literally Single-Handedly Defeated Every Opponents

You should definitely see this! The popular vlogger EK, known for playing mobile games by using just one hand plays Honor of Kings. And guess what? He single-handedly defeated all his opponents. In his first video, he plays the mage and support hero Zhong Kui known for pulling his enemy ability. His next hero is Liyuan Fang, a marksman and a jungle hero, and lastly Guigu Zi, a support hero known for making his allies invisible. Arena of Valor players will probably recognize these heroes cause they were known in Arena of Valor version as Grakk, Fennik, and Krizzik respectively.

His second video is more challenging cause he plays an eight-skill hero name Yuan Ge. He actually plays two heroes this time around but Yuan Ge is obvious the highlight of the video. The first hero he played is the Assasin hero name A Ke, also known as Quillen in Arena of Valor. And back to Yuan Ge, he is one of the most complicated heroes in Honor of Kings as he can summon a marionette and can copy an enemy hero. His god-like talent definitely plays the character very well cause it takes an amount of practice to play the hero. Yua Ge doesn't have an AOV counterpart yet.  Will he play another complicated HOK hero next? We'll be waiting for your Luna one-hand gameplay. 😀 OR another complicated mobile MOBA hero like Fanny from Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

You should definitely check out EK's YouTube and Bilibili channel cause he plays a lot of games like Piano Tiles, Beat Blade and many more by just using one hand.