ANIME: AnimeLog's Official YouTube Channel Expands Globally

Screenshot from AnimeLog Official YouTube Channel

Good news to all international anime lovers out there! You can finally watch your favorite anime series legally and for free on YouTube starting November 10, 2020. AnimeLog has officially open its YouTube channel for global viewers. As of the moment, AnimeLog YouTube channel has eighteen titles on there playlists both for Japanese audience and titles cater to global viewers like Ahare! Meisaku-kun, Hello, Anne (Before Green Gables), Hungry Heart, Fantastic Children, The World of GOLDEN EGGS, Jungle Emperor. Popular soccer-theme anime series Hungry Heart: Wild Striker was released in Spanish and Portuguese dub and English sub. 

AnimeLog YouTube channel was first released on August 7, 2020 and caters to Japanese viewers only. And right now, the channel has started expanding its available titles to more audience globally. AnimeLog plans to add a hundred more titles before 2021 and aims to provide around three thousand different anime titles in the coming years from Japanese anime companies like Toei Animation, Nippon Animation and many more.   
AnimeLog's move to provide anime for free is a win-win solution for both anime companies and anime lovers specially to those who can't afford to subscribe to streaming platform and to those who have limited access to their favorite anime titles online. Big thanks to them.