ANIME: Hajime Isayama's Attack On Titan Final Season Premieres in December 2020

Image Source: Attack on Titan Japanese Twitter Page

Brace yourselves boys and girls, Hajime Isayama's dark fantasy manga "Attack on Titan" television anime series is coming back in December 2020. It will be the series' fourth and final season that will cover the remaining chapter of Marley and War for Paradis Arc of the manga. 

Here's a quick rundown of Marley and War for Paradis Arc. The remaining arcs tells a detailed history of the nation of Marley and their wars against the Eldia. This arc will also introduced new characters and identity of  the Cart Titan and the new user of the Jaw Titan. This arc will give a major twist to the entire Attack on Titan story line as the considered-enemy of the series will reveal there true motive in attacking Eldia's remaining territory. And at this moment, Eren Jaeger was imprisoned as of result of his rebel actions and an impending war in Paradis Island is about to happen.  

No additional details yet whether the final season is going to be a 2-part or even 3-part season since the remaining arc has a lot to cover. And considering the manga isn't finish yet, fans have many speculations regarding the outcome of the final season.

Attack on Titan final season will premiere on December 7, 2020 on NHK from 12:10 AM to 12:35 AM and will be streamed on Funimation.The finale season will be streamed also on Netflix starting December 11, 2020 and each episodes will be released weekly. AoT on Netflix will be available to selected territories including the Philippines. Meanwhile, Crunchyroll will stream the final season later this year.   

Source: Otaku Mode, HITC